Wildlife Rangers

Working in some of the planet’s most extreme and dangerous environments, anti-poaching rangers do one of the toughest jobs in the world.

These brave men and women work tirelessly day and night in often hostile conditions to protect wildlife on the conservation frontline.

Many wildlife rangers have died in the line of duty, killed by poachers or distressed animals, as they fight to protect vulnerable wildlife. According to current global statistics, two rangers lose their lives at work every week.

Wildlife Rangers - Brave men and women working to protect wildlife - anti-poachingWhat do wildlife rangers do?

  • Carry out anti-poaching patrols.
  • Locate and remove wildlife snares.
  • Collect vital data on endangered species and habitats.
  • Respond to reports of wildlife crime and gather intelligence.

The role of ranger is vital if we are to win the war on wildlife crime. Without rangers there would be no hope for critically endangered species like elephants, rhinos and tigers.

Yet the illegal trade in wildlife continues to grow and poachers are often heavily armed and highly organised.  Rangers are fighting a war on wildlife crime and sadly in the last ten years 1,000 rangers have died doing their jobs.

“We can’t sit back and take no action and let them fight alone” 
DSWF’s Head of Programmes and Policy Georgina Lamb 

DSWF Working to Support Wildlife Rangers

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) helps support rangers across Africa and Asia – from the mountains of Mongolia, to the forests of Russia and Thailand and the wild plains of Africa. We directly fund projects that support rangers in their daily roles, helping to ensure they get the vital field equipment and expert training they need.

Wildlife Rangers in Africa:

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation has been supporting rangers in Africa for over thirty years. From the Kafue National Park in Zambia, to the deserts of Namibia, DSWF has always acknowledged the vital role that these selfless individuals play in conserving Africa’s most endangered species.

Wildlife Rangers in Asia:

DSWF’s support of Rangers in Asia spreads from the Russian Far East to the Dong Phayanyen-Khao Yai Forest Complex in Thailand. Their tireless efforts are a testament to the success of our funded projects.


How to Help Wildlife Rangers

Please help us support rangers. Every. Ranger. Counts.