Emily Lamb

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) team would like to welcome our vivacious and dedicated Art Patron, Emily Lamb as our December Artist of the Month.

Art can shed light on an otherwise very dark battlefield which needs more energy and light than ever before.
Says Emily Lamb

Emily grew up in a family with conservation and art at its centre, and like her late grandfather, David Shepherd, she is a world-renowned wildlife artist in her own right. Her artistic prowess is celebrated and cherished at DSWF as she in driving our light in ‘Art for Survival’ programmes. 

Emily is a judge in our annual international Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and exhibition and a fervent advocate for ‘Artivism’ – a growing concept of using art to catapult change and raise awareness for climate change and deeply threatened species at death’s door.

“Artists have always been and always will be vehicles for truth and demonstration. I believe we are all being called to action.”
Says Emily Lamb

Emily Lamb’s December Artist of the Month Exhibition

Our Art Patron has generously donated 100% of the sale of these artworks to DSWF’s vital conservation work so that we can continue to fight, protect and engage on behalf of endangered wildlife across Africa and Asia

“Everyone is an artist and has the power to shape their life and choices as an artist explores and paints to canvas.

Says Emily

Emily has created a number of rectangular portraits of, buffalos, cheetahs, kudus and elephants, providing a snippet of the open skies and endless horizons of Africa.

AOM No 6, AOM No 7 and AOM No 10 are the landscape features in Emily’s beautiful December exhibition for Artist of the Month.

All these magnificent artworks are available for sale in our online art shop. Please do check the shape throughout the month as Emily will be adding more artworks to her exhibition. Emily Lamb artworks also featured in our Christmas Choice selection.

Emily Lamb Wildlife Art

Combining realism, mythology and a connection to nature, (deleted section and edit) Emily’s transportive artworks take on a dream-like quality. She aims to draw attention to nature’s interconnectivity, as seen in her culturally-and-biodiversity-rich artwork ensembles ‘Mother’ and ‘Within a World’, among other original artworks.

Her breathtakingly powerful art tends towards mixed media and oils as she captures the essences of Africa her predominant (but not exclusive) subject matter and inspiration. 

Emily often makes mention of wilderness in her art and always achieves a sense of space, reflecting of the wilderness. DSWF works to protect endangered species across many African and Asian wildernesses – like the uncharted mountainscapes of Mongolia; the Namib desert home of the free-roaming desert-adapted black rhino and Kafue National Park, which is an intricate puzzle piece of the Kavango–Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. 

About Emily Lamb

Emily is a true Athena of animal rights, wildlife art and conservation. She is a lover of Africa, Artivism, elephants, the wilderness, and the plant-based way.

Art, music and performance all have the power to bring nature and the environment into people’s home and lives on a daily basis. We stand together as creators and can help elevate a more beautiful vision.

Says Emily
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