Emily Lamb – DSWF’s Art Patron

emily lamb

In August 2020, the trustees appointed Emily Lamb as DSWF’s very first Art Patron. Emily is a hugely successful wildlife artist, having painted sensational pieces which highlight the interconnectivity and dependency of wildlife and people on nature, such as ‘Mother’, ‘Within A World’ and ‘Gatekeepers’.

“It couldn’t be with a stronger will and with heartfelt gratitude, that I accept and acknowledge my new role as Art Patron for DSWF,” says Emily Lamb. “Observing what the natural world is facing today, and how fragile the future is for ecosystems to thrive, and let alone flourish, I believe it’s imperative to work with honest, strong and good people, who dare to challenge current frameworks to bring about change.”

Emily trusts an expressive and classic technique to venture into the memory of wildernesses.  Her immersion in mostly African landscapes has led to a determined will in both protecting and translating the animals of the wild.  She takes inspiration from being in the wilderness with those that know the landscape and animals best.

Tracking on foot has been a great love, and living and painting in the wild out of borrowed houses, tents and make-shift studios has been a never-ending path and dream. However, over the past decade, her purpose to travel became more about the conservationists on the ground and the men and women worldwide who risk their lives on the front line everyday for animals.  Her driving force is to shed light on a world rapidly transforming, with an aim to redefine our place in nature.

Emily works hard to continue the legacy of her grandfather, David Shepherd. She is an active member and advocate of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) Art for Survival Programme; she has been involved with several other conservation initiatives and animal welfare groups around the world. She has exhibited worldwide and campaigns to fundraise and spread awareness for the liberation of animals. To date, she has raised in excess of £250,000 in honour of truth and action for the voiceless.

Emily Lamb’s artistic style

Emily works mostly with oils on canvas. Her canvasses range in size and theme, and experimentation with techniques is key to her process. 

Working both in studios and on the road, travelling across the wilderness in the UK and Africa, she uses the landscapes around her to inspire her paintings. Many cultures and countries have shaped her style and vision, which is ever-evolving as she continues to travel.

“I’m forever inspired by the natural world. Being present in the wild where hours pass by and a modest observation can be made through written word, paint or thought alone, is where I am happiest.”

Emily Lamb’s work as a DSWF Art Ambassador

Having grown up in a family that lives and breathes conservation and painting, Emily has become acutely aware of the fight to protect wildlife. Inspired by the concept of leadership through community and engagement of a global platform to bring artists and conservationists together, being an Ambassador is the most gifting and opportunistic space to be working in right now.

Art has always told stories throughout the history of man, and we simply wish to stand tall together and keep spreading the message of today and encourage all to dream big of tomorrow”. 

Emily Lamb also has donated artworks available for purchase in our shop.