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October 2020 – Stephen Rew

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

It turns out coffee can breathe life into more than just a morning ritual but wildlife artworks too.

stephen rew

Caffeine addicts will be delighted to know that Stephen Rew is October’s Artist of the Month. Stephen is a long-time supporter and Partner Artist at David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). In 2019, he won Wildlife Artist of the Year for his magnificent blue wall climbing octopus ‘Withe’.

The world would not be the same without the beautiful animals we share it with. If we don’t act fast, some of the most iconic, magnificent creature on this planet will soon become extinct, using my artwork to support DSWF’s amazing work is my way of making sure this doesn’t happen.

Stephen Rew

October’s Exhibition

It is very fitting that 1 October 2020 is World Coffee Day, as Stephen’s artworks are his signature coffee and ink drawings.

Diverse subject matter includes DSWF’s core species like snow leopards, painted dogs, and rhinos.

  • Small sketches– A4 Size, 30 x 21cms (£100)
  • Medium sketches – 30 x 41cms (from £200-£300)
  • Large sketches – 70 x 50cm (from £850 – £1,250)

Pangolin sculpture 

Featured in his Artist of the Month exhibition is the £950 open edition bronze sculpture of a pangolin available for sale via Stephen’s website. This magnificent sculpture was shortlisted in Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 online exhibition. 

If Stephen’s artworks are your cup of Joe, please consider purchasing his original artworks from our online shop, in aid of DSWF’s vital conservation work across Africa and Asia. These original watercolour-like paintings make the perfect Christmas gift for an animal-lover or habitual coffee drinker. 

50% of the proceeds from the sale of Artist of the Month artworks go to protecting pangolins, tigers, elephants, rhinos, lions, snow leopards, painted dogs and chimpanzees.

About artist Stephen Rew

Stephen was raised on the beautiful Gower Peninsula coast in South Wales. He grew up surrounded by nature and wide-open spaces and his outdoor pursuits have fuelled his passions for both wildlife and the arts.

Stephen studied illustration at Swansea Metropolitan University where his tutors guided him on the art of colour, painting, and story-telling. Numerous trips to Africa’s KwaZulu Natal and India’s Ranthambore National.

You will often find Stephen sitting in an airport coffee shop, returning from his travels, painting on serviettes in cold coffee.

Stephen, like so many other wildlife artists, was inspired by the late David Shepherd to be the change he wanted to see in the world and uses his art to give back to wildlife.

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