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New dogs strengthen the K9 anti-poaching unit in Assam

A new dog has joined the K9 anti-poaching unit in Assam that DSWF helped establish in 2011. Known as Misky, the female Belgian Malinois is currently undergoing training in various natural habitats across Assam.

Misky will join Jorba and Babli in the field this winter, along with another three new dogs that have been funded by NABU-Germany. The strengthened squad will be deployed across key rhino bearing areas in Assam to help tackle the poaching of the rare one-horned Indian rhino. The dogs ability to track down poachers from the source of a crime has proved invaluable in gathering evidence for criminal convictions while their presence in the region also sends out a strong zero-tolerance message to would-be poachers.

Misky’s trainer says that she is learning quickly and he’s hopeful that she will add to and build upon the squad’s success.

DSWF would like to thank everyone who has supported the formation and growth of this important project – to read more and to support this work please click here

Jorba with Misky
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