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Pangolins in Peril

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

With a harrowing report of 4000 descaled and disemboweled pangolins seized – how DSWF are helping to protect the world’s most trafficked mammal.

4000 descaled and disemboweled pangolins seized

A harrowing report earlier this week told the tragic story of how 4000 descaled and disemboweled pangolins were seized in Taiwan, reportedly en route to China or Vietnam.  The same report also shockingly acknowledged that while China is the main destination for large-quantity shipments of scales or whole pangolins, the USA was the main destination for large shipments of body parts. Although the quantities to the US are not comparable to those shipments heading to Asia it still highlights the murky and often shocking world of the illegal wildlife trade, often and unsuspectingly to most, on our very doorsteps.

Protecting the world’s most trafficked mammal

As the world’s most trafficked mammal, DSWF are proud supporters of pangolin conservation work from source countries including Zambia and Uganda, to working in consumer and destination markets in Asia fighting to stop the trade.  The end of this month will see training exercises, funded and supported by DSWF and conducted by leading world pangolin experts, in Uganda supporting government officials and partner organisations on pangolin identification, handling techniques, health assessments and on rescues and release procedures.  This DSWF training is essential to give pangolins in their home territories a fighting chance of survival whilst educating all relevant authorities to the growing threats and risks arising from pangolin trafficking and how to avert them where possible.  For more information on our work with Pangolins please click here.

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