How DSWF is protecting Pangolins

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) works at all levels of the illegal wildlife chain to protect pangolins and help to reduce demand for them on the black market and as a consumer product.

We work with ground-based conservation partners to prevent pangolin poaching at its source, funding law enforcement efforts in Africa by tackling the illegal trafficking of the species.

By supporting wildlife rangers on the ground and ensuring they have the equipment they need and operational mobility we can directly prevent the poaching and trafficking of pangolins, protecting populations across the continent.

Protecting pangolin habitats

DSWF supports wildlife conservation partners on the ground who work to protect the habitats in which pangolins live. The biggest threat to pangolins is poaching and habitat loss, either to be eaten as a delicacy or to be traded for their scales for use in traditional medicines. By protecting existing populations and working with local communities and stakeholders we can work to prevent the extinction of the pangolin.

Reducing the demand for pangolin scales and meat

DSWF supports large-scale demand reduction campaigns in consumer countries – particularly in China and Vietnam, where pangolin scales are regularly used as they are considered to cure a variety of conditions, from asthma and back pain to difficulties when nursing babies.

By dispelling the myths that pangolin products can cure diseases and illnesses, we can reduce the demand for them in consumer countries, therefore reducing their use and value in the illegal wildlife trade.

With your donations DSWF will continue to support

  • Demand reduction campaigns around the worldwide consumption and use of pangolin scales, meat and parts
  • Public awareness campaigns to ensure myths around the medicinal benefits of pangolin products are discredited
  • Anti-poaching and anti-trafficking operations to ensure criminal groups are apprehended in Africa
  • Training workshops in Africa to ensure the correct law enforcement, legal and prosecution processes are in place around pangolin poaching and trafficking
  • Educational materials and school workshops on the importance of pangolin protection and the implications and risks associated with pangolin poaching.

You can support our work to save pangolins from extinction by donating today.