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New Year’s Resolutions for Wildlife

Elephants – We restate our commitment to campaign for a total and comprehensive closure of all domestic ivory markets around the world.

Tigers – We promise to fight for the closure of all tiger breeding facilities in order to end the trade in tiger parts and their derivatives.

Pangolins – We pledge to continue our longstanding support for demand reduction campaigns in key consumer countries and to raise awareness of the impacts that trade and consumption have on wild pangolin populations.

Snow Leopards – We will work to ensure that mining licenses, which could threaten key snow leopard habitats and the future survival of the species, remain withdrawn.

Lions – For the benefit of both people and wildlife, we commit to furthering our understanding of wild lion populations in order to help inform the mitigation of human wildlife conflict.

Chimpanzees – We promise to help protect vulnerable chimpanzees from the illegal wildlife trade in West Africa and work to ensure trafficking incidences are minimised to avoid the destruction of troop welfare and dynamics.

Painted Dogs – We restate our dedication to engaging individuals and communities who live alongside painted dogs about the benefits of positive interaction and sustainable coexistence.

Rhinos – We commit to reducing poaching incidences and helping to ensure that wild populations are given the strongest opportunity to thrive.

Wildlife Rangers – We will work to ensure that brave men and women, fighting on the front line of conservation, are best equipped, supported, trained and empowered to protect the world’s most threatened species.

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