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Nearly £10,000 in the Race Against Extinction – Thank you!

Black rhino - Namibia - Save Rhinos

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise nearly £10,000 in our Race Against Extinction!

With your generous donations, we helped to fund Rhino 911, a rapid response helicopter unit who provide lifesaving solutions to wounded rhinos in South Africa. In just a few months, the Rhino 911 team completed countless missions, including rescuing two rhino orphans, treating eight rhinos with bullet wounds, numerous investigations of crime scenes where rhinos were poached and the successful arrest of one poacher.

Helicopter crew - First response to injured rhinos - Rhino911 - South Africa - Save Rhinos

Meanwhile our ground-based partners, Save The Rhino Trust in Namibia were able to deploy teams of trackers to patrol the Kunene region, where the last remaining stronghold population of black rhinos face extinction. They responded to poaching incidents by undertaking security operations, including fitting transmitters and satellite collars, as well as taking DNA samples from the rhinos. DSWF was able to provide training support, ranger rations, field gear and logistical support to enable the rhino ranger teams to effectively monitor and protect the rhinos in their natural habitat.

Rhino calf rescued - South Africa - save rhinos

In Assam, India, DSWF has been able to provided equipment and welfare support to wildlife rangers and forest staff as well as fund undercover investigations which uncover poaching syndicates to ensure the protection of rhinos.

None of this would have been possible without your fantastic support.

We would like to say a big DSWF ‘Thank You’ to all who donated in the Race Against Extinction.

Help us continue the fight…

We still have so much work to do to try to save this beautiful species from extinction.

If you feel able to do more, then please let us know if you would like to make a regular monthly gift by visiting www.davidshepherd.org/help-us or calling 01483 272323.

What you can do


£10 could provide a day’s worth of food for a Rhino Ranger

£50 could fund vital training for new anti-poaching Rhino Rangers

£100 could buy a GPS tracking device for monitoring and protection teams

£500 could provide vital flying time for emergency helicopter units responding to poaching incidents

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