Adopt a Black Rhino: Inka

Inka, meaning ‘foremost one’ is a special Namibian Desert adapted Black Rhino, born in November 2001.

Rhinos have been on the earth for 40 million years but the recent surge in poaching of rhino horn means they are increasingly at risk. DSWF is working hard to deal with the threat to this magnificent, critically endangered species. As a mother of three calves so far, by adopting Inka you will help us to protect her as well as other rare and precious black rhinos.

This special adoption now comes with the choice of adding a handmade rhino toy to your pack. Each toy is individually and lovingly made by Little Ndaba, a women’s community group in Zambia that helps provide alternative incomes to those living close to wildlife. Click here to read more about Little Ndaba

Click here for more information on our black rhino project in Namibia


Black Rhino Inka with her rhino calf in Namibia, help us save rhinos, adopt a rhino


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