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Global Canvas 2018 breaks waves!

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Global Canvas 2018 breaks waves with a record number of sea-themed entries for this year’s children’s art competition, including the winner: ‘Hope Shark’

Global Canvas, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s annual art competition for groups of children aged 16 and under, has this year attracted four times the amount of entries than last year and had more children taking part than ever before. This year’s ‘Into the Wild’ themed artwork was received from art clubs, classes or whole schools, from 16 countries including Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, India, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Belarus, UAE, UK, Ukraine and the U.S. It was encouraging to see just how far the conservation message has spread!

Take a look at our video to see some of the wonderful entries and highlights from the day!

Judging and prize-giving took place at the Natural History Museum on Thursday 15th March 2018. There were 18 finalists vying for first, second and third prizes along with additional Personal Choice awards from guest speaker CBeebies’ Dr. Jess French and event sponsors Michael O’ Mara Books as well as a new David Shepherd Award given in his memory.

Jo Elphick, DSWF Education Manager said, “I’ve been really bowled over by the standard of entries this year and the influence of the Blue Planet was very evident with many themed on the ocean and saving marine life from pollution.  We loved the environmental messaging behind the winner’s entry.  St Hilary’s ‘Hope Shark’ used recycled materials in the form of a shark cresting a wave.  It really stood out visually and was a great collaborative effort.”

This year there were a record number of entries focusing on the plight of pollution in the oceans, including the winner – ‘Hope Shark’, from St Hilary’s School in Godalming, Surrey.

In 2nd place was Colston Bassett Prep School, Nottingham another amazing visual feast displaying the animals of the world through recycled materials including crockery, nail varnish, wallpaper scraps and beach-combed glass. Dunhurst School, Petersfield in 3rd place highlighted the state of the Great Barrier Reef in all its glory and splendour as well as the effects of coral bleaching, and used a striking contrast of different materials and techniques.

Michael and Lesley O’Mara from Michael O’ Mara books, who have sponsored the event for the past 3 years, chose Milbourne Lodge School for their Personal Choice award. They loved the way that the school had combined wonderful art, design and technology to create their entry.

Guest speaker Jess French was enormously impressed by the standard of art on display, she found it hard to choose which entry should receive her Personal Choice award but in the end chose Etonbury Academy’s entry with its delicate bees and messaging about the threats faced by them. Jess is also a huge mini beast fan and was drawn to the invertebrate theme.

David’s award went to a group called Artspiration school of drawing and painting which made a 6 canvas panelled ‘book’ with an iconic painting of an African elephant leaving the city behind and going ‘Into the Wild’ surrounded by models of animals….

Speaking about Global Canvas a few years ago, David said, “It never ceases to amaze me how astute children are. They have a real grasp of conservation issues and what really matters if we are to save this amazing planet of ours. It is heart-warming to know that the next generation is passionate enough to make a difference.”

Global Canvas was established in 2004 to encourage young people to express their concern for the environment through painting, drawing, printing, sculpting, sewing or knitting a ‘mini-exhibition’. We have been stunned by both the talent and level of passion and apprehension for the environment shown in this year’s competition. The inspiring artwork makes a lasting impression and each entry is highly valued.

Find out more about Global Canvas by clicking here.


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