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DSWF Youth Ambassador Bria Shay Neff talks Artivism and her plans for 2020

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

In our autumn edition of Wildlife Matters we introduced you to our new Youth Ambassadors, Sapphire Hope and Bria Shay Neff. These inspiring young artists are helping spread the word of conservation through artivism and inspiring the next generation of wildlife guardians.

What is Artivism?

Artivism is the use of art, in any medium, to promote a cause.

This future generation of artists are using their wildlife art to create awareness for prominent conservation issues.

Through art and open conversation, they are proving that no matter how old you are you can make a difference.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Bria.

Here is what is Bria Shay Neff has been up to over the last year

“Over the last year my art has taken me to some amazing places. I’ve gotten to go to LA and be part of an awesome awards ceremony where I met lots of influencers, like myself.”

“Plus, I have gotten to work with some really cool brands that share my passion for organics and sustainability. The best part has been meeting other artists that use #artivism to make the world a better place.”

Bria Shay Neff on using social media for the cause

Social media is a great resource to spread awareness and make noise about the things that are important to me. That is why I am so proud to be part of a very special group of wildlife warriors and artists, known as #wildoceans11.

Even though I am young it doesn’t stop me from trying to make an impact for animals all over our planet. I have created #Kidscanchangetheworld on my website where I highlight other kids who are using their time and talents to positively impact the world around them. This has opened many doors to new friendships.

Auctions, Art and Fundraising

“I have reached over $70,000 in donations for wildlife. At an auction held last summer in NYC, a painting of mine sold for $25,000! It was so exciting knowing that 100% of the money raised was going to help protect red wolves and Mexican grey wolves.”

“In 2020, I aim to raise $100k while continuing to paint a face to the epidemic of the endangered,” she says.

Keep up to date on Bria’s work on her Instagram here.

Conservation education

Conservation education is a vital tool in the fight to end extinction.

By educating and empowering young people around the globe, whether on the frontlines in Africa and Asia or here in the UK, about the value of wildlife we can support the next generation of conservationists.

Find out more about the education work we do, here. Alternatively, keep an eye out on our children’s wildlife art initiative, Global Canvas.

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