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As we write this, the planet is now entering it’s 6th mass extinction. This means that many species are dying out on Earth, and it’s happening at a rate around 100 times faster than it should be due to humans, according to scientists and experts.

16-year old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg has proved that children have a very loud voice and can make themselves heard on the international stage to speak their minds about the future of the planet.

Climate change has a direct impact on the survival of wildlife: from droughts causing animals to die of thirst, to deforestation taking away their habitats – everything in nature is connected, and as humans make decisions that have negative effects on the world, we reduce species’ chances of survival.

We at David Shepherd Wildlife Shepherd Foundation have been inspired by Greta and the movement that she has begun with children across the world, and we would like to help to share that message, providing information and support to teachers, parents and children alike.

We believe that it is vitally important to raise environmental awareness in children from an early age and it is our aim to bring conservation issues into schools and to individuals.  We offer practical advice on how schoolchildren, their teachers and families can help in our fight to save endangered species and their habitats before it’s too late.

Find out more about our support and events:

We can provide free school visits, assemblies and conservation workshops. Activities are tailored to every key stage and are designed to educate and inspire.

Global Canvas Children’s Art Competition – Enter our annual international art competition get creative and learn about recycling and conservation with the opportunity to display at London’s Natural History Museum!

If your school is interested in a visit from DSWF, please contact our Education Manager, Jo Elphick by email at: jo.elphick@davidshepherd.org or find out more by clicking here.

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