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August 2020 – Daniel Wilson

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is delighted to announce that wildlife artist, Daniel Wilson from greater Manchester, is our Artist of the Month for August.

Daniels outstanding charcoal drawings will be available for sale in DSWF’s online shop. A portion of the sale of these stunning artworks goes to preserving endangered African and Asian species in the wild.

“My exhibition for Artist of the Month consists solely of my charcoal work. There are several pieces available in my signature style. I plan to create some new original works over the month and intend to experiment more. Hopefully, I will deliver my best work yet.”

Says Daniel

Keep an eye out for Daniel’s new additions to his August exhibition. We will be updating our online shop with his latest artworks.

Daniel’s exhibition is comprised of stunning, wolf, gorilla, cheetah, and leopard charcoal drawings. Also featured in his exhibition are tigers, elephants, lions and snow leopards – a few of the deeply threatened species DSWF works to protect.

“There is an assortment of animals being shown as part of the exhibition in a range of sizes, so I am hoping there is something for everyone,” says Daniel.”

Says Daniel

Look out for his live videos and Q&A sessions via his social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram.

About wildlife artist, Daniel Wilson

daniel wilson

Daniel is an A-Level biology teacher and part-time wildlife artist. Dan is a multimedia artist who primarily focuses on charcoal drawings and paintings of wildlife. He draws his inspiration for his wildlife art through his keen interest in biology and his love of the natural world.

“l love to paint and draw animals with distinct patterns or features. Anything with spots or stripes is brilliant for me. If I had to pick one though it would be tigers. When I paint, I tend to work in colour. The oranges, browns and blues found in the fur of a tiger are some of my favourite colours to work with.

Says Daniel

Daniel’s monochrome charcoal work displays a balance between abstract and realism that captures the form and character of the animals he portrays.

Daniel Wilson artistic journey through Wildlife Artist of the Year

Daniel succeeds his partner, wildlife and pet artist, Amber Tyldesley, as DSWF’s Artist of the Month. Amber was July’s Artist of the Month featuring her emotive big cat acrylic artworks. The artist couple met at the Mall Galleries while setting up their artworks for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2019 exhibition.

Daniel is a regular entrant in DSWF’s Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and exhibition, his outstanding artworks were shortlisted in 2018, 2019 and 2020. His journey as an artist has strong ties to this international competition and exhibition.

“I first discovered DSWF’s Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2017 when I came across the competition in an artist’s blog. At the time I was looking for a place to share my art. My art has evolved over the years – in 2017, when I first entered Wildlife Artist of the Year, I wasn’t focused on painting wildlife and had not developed my style. None of my pieces got in that year.”

explains Daniel

“Then I began experimenting with charcoal and developed my style exploring using marks rather than focusing all my attention on detail. I decided to try to enter again in 2018 this time my two of my pieces were shortlisted.”

“I continued to build and develop with the charcoal and started to settle into a style that I hope one day will be recognised as my own. I entered again in 2019 and again two pieces were shortlisted and exhibited at the Mall Gallery,”

Says Daniel

His charcoal creations, ‘Fading Away’, ‘One Step Closer’ and ‘No Laughing Matter’ all featured in Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020’s online exhibition.

Wildlife Artist of the Year has been running since 2008, over the years this competition has developed a large wildlife-inspired art community, with extremely talented wildlife artists like Amber and Daniel participating year-after-year.

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month is the latest addition to several ‘Art of Survival’ programmes including our annual Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, Global Canvas – Children’s Art Competition and Sketch for Wildlife.

Artist of the Month personifies our ‘Art of Survival’ vision and gives wildlife artists a platform to raise awareness for, not only their exceptional artworks but their endangered animal muses. Funds raised from this novel initiative go support DSWF’s vital conservation work across Africa and Asia.

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