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Adoptions that go to the heart of our work

The new elephants have arrived from Zambia! 

Like all DSWF adoptions our elephants, Nkala and Chamilandu are really special and help us fund key conservation and elephant rescue and rehabilitation work in Zambia. Packed full of information about the rescued elephants and exclusive sketches, these fabulous gifts have just got better!

Working with the Zambian-based women’s community group, Little Ndaba, who design and produce hand-crafted toys predominantly from gorgeous 100% organic cotton, we’ve sourced wonderful new Nkala and Chamilandu toys.

Each toy is individually and lovingly made by the group that helps provide alternative incomes to those living close to wildlife. Chamilandu has a crochet heart on her rear reflecting her motherly character and love for her herd and Nkala, who suffered from a hernia which left a small scar on his belly, carries this distinguishing mark.

So, our elephant adoptions are now not only supporting the elephants but the people who live close to them too!

elephant adoption
The new elephants ready to leave Zambia!

About Little Ndaba

Passed down through the generations, many Zambian women have learnt the skills of knitting and crochet and the sale of their toys gives them an opportunity to contribute to their family income in a meaningful way.

Ladies gather once a week to wash and sew their knitted and crochet pieces to form cute animals such as elephants, lions and pangolins (see our Marimba adoption!). They use this time to chat and share ideas and expertise as well as gossip and giggle! They then collect new cotton for the next round of production and head home for the week. They are able to work entirely around their home routines and commitments and even farm out some of the knitting to other members of their family to help speed up production. They are under no obligations and can create as many or as few toys as they want.

Ndaba is a common word in Africa that means a gathering, usually joyous and social.

Adoption prices start at just £32 or for £47 you can add one of these beautiful hand made elephant toys. For more on adoptions click here or call us on +44 (0)1483 272323.

Little Ndaba elephant for DSWF elephant adoptions
Mary from Little Ndaba making one of the elephants with the orphans in the background

Keeper, orphans and the Little Ndaba toys that support them in Zambia
Keeper, orphans and the Little Ndaba toys that support them in Zambia
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