Adopt an African Painted Dog: Mana

Meet Mana, our ambassador for wild painted dogs.

DSWF has supported Painted dog conservation since 1995, helping the painted dog population in Zimbabwe to grow from 400 – 450 in 1987 to around 750 in 2008!

Painted dogs once inhabited 39 countries in Africa, forming a population of 500,000.  Today, approximately 5,500 individuals exist across seven African countries.

By adopting Mana, our ambassador for this endangered, enigmatic carnivore, you are helping to ensure the future of one of the most endangered mammals.

This special adoption now comes with the choice of adding a handmade Painted dog toy to your pack. Each toy is individually and lovingly made by a women’s community group in Zambia that helps provide alternative incomes to those living close to wildlife. Adding the toy brings the pack cost to £47.00.

Click here for more information on our Painted dog project in Zimbabwe.

Painted Dog


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