"There is much work to be done helping the tireless fight against greed and injustice towards the Wild and her Creatures. To be exhibiting alongside artists whom I admire and call friends is an absolute privilege, and I hope the show demonstrates the dedication and passion towards the Wild as we know it and continue to dream it, and can somehow give something back to where we gather our inspiration."

DSWF Art Ambassador - Emily Lamb

I’m forever inspired by the Natural World.

“…we have become apologetic for being dispassionate, spontaneous, raw, territorial, protective, and angry.” (Ian Mc Callum/Ecological Intelligence)

I feel a constant homesickness of sorts to ancient realms, especially the Motherland, Africa. My Fascination with the order of Nature and Human existence within this, lends a direction to painting and steady flow of purpose.

Being present in the Wild where hours pass by and a modest observation can be made through written word, paint or thought alone, is where I am happiest.
I’ve enjoyed studio time on the road, living in Africa sporadically, and have spent most years until now chasing dreams and finding adventure. Exhibitions once or twice a year for the last decade have been a combination of fundraising for wildlife, fundraising for me (!) and exploring the ways in which different cultures and countries have shaped my style and vision.

I currently live and work from a studio in Cornwall/Kernow, UK. The wild coast and her cliffs offer freedom and expanse to the charging Atlantic, and have recently (2016 to now) afforded myself a travel free and quiet reflective time, where I’ve embraced a shift in venture and vision, and now work hard towards new bodies of work and ways to fundraise for wildlife through my art, collaborations, and explore ideas for future road trips and challenges to come. I embrace Vanlife often. For now, the Cornish coast boasts a wildness and serenity that brings strength to painting, and visions for travel.

Within A World by Emily Lamb – a beautiful 360-degree, 80ft around panoramic painting

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