Adoption renewal

Caring for some of the world’s most vulnerable and endangered species requires long term commitment to funding and support. By renewing your adoption, you are ensuring that your adopted species continues to receive vital help needed to survive in its natural environment.

How your renewal could help…

Chimpanzee: In the last six years, over 14,000 chimpanzees have been lost to the illegal wildlife trade. By renewing your chimpanzee adoption, you could help protect and preserve key chimpanzee habitats, as well as help engage communities in Guinea to promote human wildlife co-existence.

Elephant: In the last 40 years, African elephant populations have declined by 40%. By renewing your elephant adoption, you could help promote human wildlife co-existence through our community engagement programmes, as well as support orphaned elephants with medical care.

Lion: In just 20 years African lion populations have fallen by 43% and as few as 20,000 remain in the wild today. By renewing your lion adoption, you could enable wildlife ranger training and welfare programmes that support the brave men and women protecting lions in Uganda.

Painted Dog: A century ago, around 500,000 painted dogs roamed the African continent. Today, just 6,500 remain in the wild. By renewing your painted dog adoption, could provide vital equipment for those working on the front line to fight wildlife crime and support the education of future generations, inspiring the conservation leaders of tomorrow.

Pangolin: A million pangolins are believed to have been illegally trafficked in the last decade and all eight species of pangolins are now threatened with extinction. By renewing your pangolin adoption, you  could help fight for the strongest possible laws/policies to combat the illegal trade of pangolins.

Rhino: With their horn now exceeding the price of gold, more than 8,800 African rhinos have slaughtered by poachers in the last 10 years. By renewing your rhino adoption, you could fund K9 dog units working in India to prevent poaching and combat wildlife crime.

Snow Leopard: Scientists estimate that between 4000 – 6,500 snow leopards remain in the wild. By renewing your snow leopard adoption, you could fund vital research monitoring snow leopard populations in Mongolia.

Tiger: With only 3,800 tigers remaining in the wild, global tiger populations have plummeted by an alarming 96%. By renewing your tiger adoption, you could empower rangers with the skills they need to track and protect vulnerable tiger populations across India and Thailand.

How much does it cost to renew my adoption?

From £3 per month or £36 per year, you will receive a renewal pack, including an update on your animal’s news, a new photograph, certificate and our latest magazine.

How do I renew my adoption?

Simply follow the links below to renew your adoption online, selecting the animal adoption type and the name on the current adoption certificate, and complete your payment.

Thank you for your continued support.

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