Facing Extinction

Sponsored by Martin and Emma Leuw

Today, the world is facing its next mass extinction with hundreds of species across the planet vanishing from the face of the Earth before our very eyes. Whether driven by habitat destruction, wildlife crime, human-wildlife conflict, pollution, climate change or disease, the growing challenges facing many of these incredible creatures could mean that our last chance to see them will only be on canvas or immortalised in sculpture if we do not turn the tide on extinction.

The ‘Facing Extinction’ category celebrates vulnerable species at risk of extinction, capturing their behaviour and importance in striking imagery. They may be gone tomorrow if we do not act today.

We’re delighted to be sponsoring the Facing Extinction category for Wildlife Artist of the Year this year. We’re always keen to work with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, their work in fighting wildlife crime, protecting endangered species and engaging local communities makes a huge difference in preventing the extinction of these iconic creatures.” Martin and Emma Leuw