Animal Behaviour

Sponsored by Gary Hodges

Animals, like humans, have complex personalities and behaviours and show a wide range of emotion, intellect and sentience. Whether showing incredible skill in seeking food demonstrating protective instincts for their young, engaging in a unique mating performance or simply relaxing in the sun, every creature will display individuality and character.

The ‘Animal Behaviour’ category celebrates artworks that exhibit a true understanding of animal behaviour, capturing moments which might be humorous, tragic, aggressive or simply part of their daily ritual.

I’ve been a judge on the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition since it began in 2008. I’m astounded that the quality, imagination and wide scope of the artworks entered raises each year. Overall I believe the selected submissions for 2020 will make this DSWF’s best show yet. The world pandemic means the stunning art will be viewed online rather than in the flesh, but you’ll still be able to see for yourself how fantastic they are. The artists constantly push the boundaries of wildlife art and I’m proud to continue to sponsor the Animal Behaviour category“.
Gary Hodges, Artist