help us to save the tiger

What is TigerTime?

TigerTime is our innovative campaign to protect tigers in the wild. We are calling for a total and comprehensive ban in the trade of all tiger parts and their derivatives.

TigerTime exposes the key threats facing wild tiger populations around the world, calling for the closure of tiger breeding farms and the reduction of illegal poaching and trafficking of wild tigers.

“We can talk all day long about how to save the tiger – but the truth is simple; the killing has to stop. I’m not prepared to see tigers lost to the world and I want everyone who shares my view to stand with me and be heard.”
David Shepherd CBE FRSA 1931 – 2017

Why do we need TigerTime?

Just over a hundred years ago, nine subspecies of tiger roamed the Asian wilderness, with an estimated population of over 100,000 tigers.

Shockingly, in less than 100 years, tigers have lost 93% of their historical range, wild populations have plummeted by over 95% and we have witnessed the extinction of three subspecies. Tigers are now in dire need of protection – which is why DSWF has created TigerTime.

What is TigerTime campaigning for?

TigerTime addresses these appalling statistics by supporting ground-based conservation initiatives, calling for urgent action and by campaigning internationally for a total ban in the trade of tiger parts and their derivatives across the world.

The illegal wildlife trade, estimated to be worth $19 billion a year and driven by consumer demand, is the main driver behind the decimation of tiger populations in the wild.

Through TigerTime, we are campaigning for a total ban in the trade of all tiger parts and their derivatives and expose the major threats facing wild tiger populations. We are also calling for the closure of tiger breeding and captive tiger farms which add undue pressure onto wild populations and stimulate consumer demand for tiger products.