Elephant Two

Mixed Media, Original | 27 × 35 cm | Unframed


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Coffee and ink on Fabriano Italian paper.

Stephen is a British artist based in London. In 2008 Stephen commenced his full time artistic career by undertaking a degree course in illustration from which he graduated with a BA (hons). During this period he spent time stalking and studying wildlife in the remote regions of India and Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal. There, his long-term objectives to combine work with a love and respect for wildlife manifested themselves. Utilising a versatile style and deep understanding of his subjects, Stephen continues to apply his creativity to the portrayal of wildlife and the natural world. Stephen enjoys using a diverse range of materials and employs different methods and mediums to paint, draw or sculpt, in a bid to capture the unique spirit of his subjects.

Thanks to Stephen, 50% of the proceeds from this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.