‘Worth their Weight in Gold’ Rhino

Original, Painting | 30 × 40 cm


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Medium:  Oil on Wooden panel with black painted sides

Sarah quotes: ‘An artivism piece with gold leaf. The gold is done in real 24 carat gold leaf to symbolise the illegal and lucrative trade in rhino horn.’  Sincere thanks to Sarah for donating 50% of the sale to the Foundation.

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Sarah Stribbling

Sarah is a published pet portrait and conservation artist from the UK and specialise in highly detailed oil paintings and pencil drawings.  She has always been passionate about wildlife and the natural world. Sarah has  a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Biodiversity and Conservation.    Sarah draws a lot of her inspiration through her  years of travelling and knowledge in the zoological field. Through this she creates intricate oil paintings and drawings that capture the animals personality and spirit.