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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) was founded on the belief that art is a way in which we can not only help generate vital funds for conservation but also raise awareness for the plight of our natural world.

At DSWF we are truly privileged to work some of the most talented, creative, passionate and imaginative artists who have a deep-rooted connection to wildlife and the wilderness. Our DSWF Art Ambassadors represent this ethos through not only their work, but through the stories they choose to tell via their creations.

Any piece from a DSWF Art Ambassador is a true collector’s items, one which will invoke memories, stir emotions and inspire action.

We are thrilled to work with our incredible stable of creative partners and ambassadors though both bespoke and one-off exhibitions, as well as through the sale of their stunning artwork, all of which support our conservation efforts across Africa and Asia to keep wildlife safe.

In some instances, commissions are possible so if you would like to talk about a specific artwork or purchase a truly one-off piece of art from our incredible Ambassadors please get in touch at dswf@davidshepherd.org

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