Belgravia in Bloom – Swallowtail on a Sunflower



Swallowtail on a Sunflower
40cm x 40cm
Mixed Media – pen, ink, metallic/iridescent paints, 23 Ct gold leaf


“As spring rejuvenates the natural world with life and abundance, flowers blossom and animals and insects reproduce in a magnificent plethora of colour and new life. The natural world is transformed. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, peace, hope and freedom, while the sunflower evokes sentiments of happiness, positivity and optimism. I wanted to explore these themes in a species far smaller than my typical subjects and with a composition that captures the eye with vibrant colour and a meticulous attention to detail.” – Matthew Polluk

Matthew Polluk

Matthew Polluk is self taught artist who has carried his childhood passion for animals and the natural world into the fervent creation of wildlife art that he is recognised for today. He holds a strong passion for giving back to the natural world that inspires his art and uses his art to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. His paintings are often characterised by his use of a minimal colour palette - typically black, white and gold - and his use of metallic paints and precious materials, such as 24ct pure gold leaf, has become a trademark feature in his wildlife art.