Belgravia in Bloom – Sri-Lankan Leopard Cub



Sri-Lankan Leopard Cub
45 x 36 cm
Pencil over embossed linen board


“According to experts, the human eye is particularly attracted to blues & yellows. So I constructed this piece with the sole aim of bringing you in by colour and composition. Even what appears to be ‘black’ in this piece, is made up of many layers of colours across the spectrum, blues, reds, yellows etc. There are many, many hours of colour layering and embossing thousands of lines..approximately 250 hours work.” – Nick Day 

Nick Day

Born in 1958 in Buckinghamshire, England, Nick Day is an exciting prospect in the world of wildlife art. He has developed over the years, a highly original and unique way of bringing his beloved subject to life through his art. He uses a mixture of water-based mediums over a detailed engraving on a hardened board, which illustrates the profound effect that the early Victorian hand-tinted copper plate engravings of birds and animals had upon him as a child. This is still a leading influence in his art today. In 1983 he began exhibiting his work at the Royal Wells Fine Art gallery in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, where his show was a sell-out on the opening date. In late 1983 he was commissioned by York Gallery Tunbridge Wells, Kent, for three years. It was at this time that he started showing his work on a national level and in 1986, he had work accepted at the Royal Academy of Art summer exhibition, London, on his first attempt.