Amandine Deschamps – Lost Chick

Mixed Media, Original | 75 × 55 cm | Framed


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ARTWORK DESCRIPTION: At Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand, Amandine Deschamps observed a colony of Australasian gannets. Amongst the crowd, a lost chick stood out, this relatable feeling being the inspiration for her entry. Portraying the life stages and different behaviours – greetings of paired gannets, feeding offspring, flying birds returning home – it is Amandine’s hope the viewers feel this overwhelming ambience.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Amandine Deschamps is a 17-year-old French high school student who is living in Dubai and studying under the IB diploma. Amandine frequently experiments in art, often combining mediums to enjoy a dynamic artistic process. Taking inspiration from the landscapes and wildlife seen on her family trips, Amandine uses scraps of newspapers to emulate the textures and present her image to the viewer.



MEDIUM: Mixed Media

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