Wildlife Crime

Wildlife Crime Prevention: Assam

The rich biodiversity of Assam supports some of the most endangered species on earth including the Indian one-horned rhino and the Bengal tiger. With largely porous borders created by the Brahmaputra River to the north and its close proximity to Myanmar and China the regions rich and varied wildlife is a popular target for poachers and traffickers.

To help protect these precious wildlife populations DSWF funds vital undercover investigations into illegal cross-border trafficking and criminal syndicates and funds workshops for enforcement agencies and the judiciary to ensure that wildlife crime is seen as a serious issue and tried accordingly.

Our funding also supports the volunteer Village Defence Groups which provide a vital second line of defence against poachers. Made up of locals who patrol the borders of their villages and the national parks, vigilant for any criminal activities, they have little more than a torch and a mobile phone. DSWF support has provided new equipment to these brave volunteers who patrol through the night, ever night, to protect their native wildlife.

The Assam anti-poaching dog squad also forms part of this programme and is a key resource in tracking down poachers and deterring others.

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