Fighting Wildlife Crime

Wildlife crime, now a multi-billion-dollar industry, has become one of the major drivers of species extinction in the last few decades. Through the over-exploitation of nature’s most rare and endangered fauna and flora, 1,000,000 species have become threatened with extinction at unprecedented levels of decline.  For as long as criminal syndicates and individuals continue to help themselves to the environment’s most precious and finite resources, our planet’s wildlife will continue to be threatened. 

Fighting wildlife crime has been at the heart of DSWF since its inception.  By funding undercover investigations into the illegal wildlife trade and some of the most prolific poaching and trafficking syndicates, alongside support for intelligence-led operations on the ground, we hope to end the exploitation of wildlife before it’s too late.

While legal wildlife markets remain open and operational, they pose threats and complications at a political and policy level, further complicating and hindering already stressed law enforcement efforts. DSWF believes that to end wildlife crime a multi-pronged approach is needed which factors in education and demand reduction elements, pro-active ground-based solutions, policy and legislative reform and political and social will to support, engage and tackle this terrifying industry. If we do not see transformative change to our environmental approach and relationship, from all industry and sectors, the world’s wildlife will remain on a fast track to extinction.

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    Law Enforcement

    Law enforcement has become one of the key mitigation tactics to tackle wildlife crime and requires intelligence-led initiatives spearheaded by specialists.

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    Wildlife Rangers

    The role of a wildlife ranger is vital if we are to win the war against wildlife crime. Without rangers, there would be no hope for critically endangered species.

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    International Policy

    Through tireless dedication, DSWF has influenced policy, shifted attitudes and provided an unwavering voice for endangered species.

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    Wildlife Trade Statements

    David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s position on trade, projects and transparency in relation to the endangered species we work to protect.

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