Turning words into meaningful action

  • February 17, 2014

TigerTime welcomes the strong signs that world leaders are finally getting serious about tackling international wildlife crime.

“The Declaration that William Hague described as ‘ambitious and powerful’ and that will show the world that ‘we will not tolerate this abhorrent trade’ is now available (see below). It recognises the scale of the problem and suggests building on the existing international framework for action. It recognises the important role of community engagement, NGOs, academic institutions, and the private sector, commits its signatories and calls on the international community to provide leadership and practical support for a list of actions,” says CEO, Sally Case.


  • Eradicating the market for illegal wildlife products
  • Ensuring effective legal frameworks and deterrents
  • Strengthening law enforcement
  • Sustainable livelihoods and economic development

“This is very welcome news for the amazingly brave men and women that we fund on the frontline of tiger conservation and who require increased funding and commitment from their governments. But with no additional funding we have to keep up the fight to raise awareness and funds for our tiger work,” adds Sally Case.

TigerTime is particularly keen to see an end to the market of tiger parts from all sources.

“We received a huge wave of support for our TigerTime campaign last week which pushed to raise awareness of the illegal trade in tiger parts and, with help of celebrity support, reached over 18.5 million people through Twitter,” adds TigerTime campaign manager, Vicky Flynn. “We are determined to ensure that the strong rhetoric and wide public support for tigers that was generated this week is turned into meaningful action.”