Top three place for pangolins in #LoveSpecies campaign

  • February 14, 2017

The results are in and our nominee – the ground pangolin – came 3rd of 23 animals nominated in the 2017 Wildscreen Arkive #LoveSpecies campaign. This is a great boost for the highly endangered pangolin which is now the most trafficked mammal on the planet!

The campaign received over 4,500 votes from people in 122 different countries around the world. On top of this, the campaign was featured on the Guardian website, was shared over 2,500 times and is estimated to have reached over 20 million people across all social media platforms.

Campaigns like these help to raise awareness for our work and for the species and as World Pangolin Day approaches on the 18th February let’s hope that more and more people champion the plight of the pangolin and help us protect it.

Thank you to everyone who voted!

You can find out more about our work to protect pangolins by clicking here
Adopt Marimba the pangolin by clicking here

Pangolin courtesy of Sarah Buchan