Keep pushing for change for the tiger

  • July 21, 2015

In May, TigerTime asked US citizens to call on their congressmen and women to support the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.

So we’re delighted that not only is the act now being discussed by the senate subcomittee but that our TigerTime supporters have received positive feedback from their representatives including this letter to Katherine from US Congressman Pete Sessions.

With wild tiger populations under threat, we need to protect the interest of the tiger at every level, in every country. So, if you live in the US, if you care about tigers please do what Katherine did and urge your congressmen and congresswomen to sign on to the legislation – the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act – that will close the loopholes in keeping, breeding, and disposal of captive tigers.

Find out more about who to write to and what to say here.

You can also click here for details about contacting your MP.

And let us know if you got a response!