Jorba puts poachers in the picture

  • May 10, 2013

When two would-be poachers triggered a camera trap in Kaziranga National Park, Assam they were quick to react by ripping the cameras out of the ground and throwing them into the wetlands near by. No one, they must have thought, would retrieve the evidence. No ranger perhaps, but they had overlooked Jorba – one very special, very well-trained dog supported by TigerTime.

“We soon realised that two camera traps were missing and sent Jorba, with his handler Anil, to investigate,” explains Bibhab Talukdar of the TigerTime supported Aaranyak Society.

Jorba was soon on the scent and one of the camera’s was fished out of the water. It was a great result but, even better, the pictures inside remained undamaged and clear images of the poachers (above) were soon in the hands of the investigators.

“We are delighted with the result and are following up enquiries to bring these poachers to book,” adds Bibhab.



Since Jorba was introduced to the wildlife crime investigation team in Kaziranga he has helped secure the arrest of 30 poachers. A great result made possible through the generosity of TigerTime supporters!

You can help us continue to support Jorba and raise funds to introduce new members to make an anti-poaching dog squad – Please donate here.