Help us Ban Tiger Trade!

  • January 27, 2014

On 13 February global heads of state will gather in London to tackle the issue of the illegal wildlife trade.

Hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron and co-chaired by Foreign Secretary, William Hague and Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson the London Conference will be attended by HRH Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge.

Wildlife crime is worth an estimated $19 billion a year and is no longer simply a challenge to conservation, biodiversity and development. Poaching is – just as the illegal trade in arms, drugs and counterfeit goods – a serious threat to national and international security and economic development.

Traditional customs and new money are creating an unsustainable wave of demand that has to be stopped if we are to have any hope of protecting the planet’s most iconic big cat from extinction.

We will continue to fight wildlife crime and we ask that you join us by demanding that the UK Government leads in calling for a total ban in the trade of all tiger parts from all sources on this global stage in London on February 13 and turns words into meaningful actions. Let’s ensure that William Hague does as he promised ‘to galvanise the international community into taking determined and swift action’ against wildlife crime.”

“We do not know how much time the tiger will get on the agenda of this one day conference but it is up to us – to all of us – to ensure that the world does not overlook the fate of the tiger,” says the TigerTime team.

How you can help
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