Getting tough on poachers in Kaziranga

  • February 11, 2013

A crackdown against poachers is underway by a joint team of Assam police, IRBN and forest guards in the Burpahar range of Kaziranga National Park (KNP).

Armed with sophisticated weapons, the security forces launched the operation at 2am on Sunday 10thFebruary.

A battalion from the India Reserve Battalion (IRBN) and the state police, with 100 personnel from the forest department, including guards, have fanned out in the interior areas of the tiger habitat to net poachers.

Security measures have also been tightened inside and along the park’s boundary to prevent entry and attacks by poachers in the 430 sq kms World Heritage Site.

The crackdown was launched in the wake of the poaching of eight rhinos in KNP since January this year, showing the risk that poachers face to tigers and rhinos in the area. The state government has decided to divide KNP into four divisions under separate divisional forest officers to strengthen the management system and boost operational efficiency.

Shoot-on-sight orders could be considered in the Park to prevent poaching of tigers, rhinos and other wild animals.

TigerTime believe that these new tougher measures are vital for the protection of the tigers, rhino and other endangered wildlife in this amazing park.

Donations to TigerTime help fund the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s support for anti-poaching in Kaziranga which has been going since 1994. This project works to stop poaching and the illegal trade in wildlife across Assam’s borders while protecting one of the most important wildlife habitats in the world. Kaziranga is the last stronghold of Indian one-horned rhinosand one of India’s most important tiger habitats.
You can donate to help save the wild tiger and secure this magnificent National Park from poachers.

Source: NDTV