Emergency grant feeds rare Amur tigers

  • January 22, 2014


Caught on camera trap – where wild boar browse, tigers follow …

The emergency grant issued byTigerTime before Christmas to ensure that rare Amur tigers were kept fed and away from conflict with humans in the Russian Far East this winter is currently being put into action. Made following the worst floods in 50 years and a shortage of acorns and cedar nuts in the Anyuisky National Park, the grant is providing additional fodder for the big cats favourite food – the wild boar – which would otherwise have struggled to survive.

Throughout November and December the park rangers established over 30 feeding stations for the wild boar which are currently being stocked with five to six tons of vegetables and three tons of oats delivered by patrol vehicles and snowmobiles every day.

With about forty per cent of the local wild boar population living in the Anyuisky National Park it is vital that they are kept well fed. The extra food will help them survive the winter ensuring a strong breeding stock in spring 2014 that will restore wild boar numbers, and tigers, in turn, will have enough food too.

If you would like to continue to support the Amur tiger you can donate here. With only 450 left in the wild protecting them has never been more urgent.