Cinderella the Amur tiger – An update

  • April 15, 2013

You may remember that we had an emergency Christmas appeal for orphaned Amur tiger cub Cinderella last year (Cinderella’s story here). Many of you kindly donated which helped a great deal in funding Cinderella’s veterinary costs, food and daily care – ultimately saving her life.

You will as be very pleased to hear that Cinderella is doing very well and suitable sites are now being explored for her release back into the wild.

There is also the chance that Cinderella will not be released alone as four more rescued tiger cubs are now being looked after at the Amur Tiger Rehabilitation Centre in Alekseevka village, Primorye.

This is great news for Cinderella, however alarming for conservationists as there is still uncertainty about why so many cubs have been orphaned. Investigations for this are underway but it is most likely that their mothers were killed by poachers.

Sadly, in early February another cub was found caught in a trap. With six cubs rescued in less than 12 months, raising funds for the rehabilitation centre has become a top priority.

TigerTime would like to thank every single person that donated to keep Cinderella alive. The rehabilitation centre still needs support for the rescued orphans that so desperately need help. There are only 450 Amur tigers left in the wild so projects like this are vital for the survival of the Amur species.
Please give as much as you can and help support these lovely Amur cubs.