9 tiger skins & 167kg of tiger bones seized in Nepal

  • January 25, 2013

Nepalese authorities have seized 9 tiger skins and hundreds of tiger bones, weighing in at 167kg. Seven people have been arrested in connection with an alleged trafficking ring.

Forces from the Nepal Police were deployed on the 11thand 12th of January. On the 11th, officers seized four tiger skins and 53kg of tiger bones as well as arresting four people who were likely to be smuggling the illegal goods to China.

On the 12th, police carried out extra road checks close to the Chinese border and seized a further 5 tiger skins and 114kg of tiger bones. These illegal goods were hidden in bags of rice which were also heading for China.

It is believed that these incidents are part of a wider trafficking ring of tiger parts. The investigation is still on-going and we will keep you informed of any progress. So far seven people have been arrested with links to this incident. 

“The success of these operations by the Nepal Police demonstrates the important role of capacity building programmes in giving police the skills necessary to fight all types of transnational crime more effectively,” said David Higgins, head of INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Programme.

“This is a great result and illustrates the effectiveness of cooperation between international law enforcement partners and investigators,” says TigerTime.

“Sharing information and pooling resources is the only effective way of tackling transnational crime like this.” TigerTime works with EIA to crack down on the trade in illegal tiger products through undercover investigations. You can help fund this work by donating here.

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