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Your support in 2016 has been amazing

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We want to say a huge THANK YOU
Your support has made a world of difference to wild tigers!

Your support for TigerTime and the wild tigers that we support has created a world of difference for these precious big cats in 2016. Not only have we been able to fully fund our key tiger conservation projects in India, Thailand and Russia – which help protect almost a third of the world’s wild tigers – but you’ve helped us do even more!

In Assam 

Your support has meant that a third anti-poaching dog is being trained to join the successful team working to protect wild tigers in key national parks including Kaziranga, Orang and Manas.

In Russia

Your generosity has meant that we are funding the care of ‘Vladik’ the Amur tiger found wandering in the streets of Vladivostok this autumn –  he will receive all the veterinary care, food and training he needs to prepare him for release next spring.

In Thailand

You’ve helped us renovate and expand the park protection office. The central control point for the Eastern Forest Complex the building also hosts park protection and ranger training and means that the team are in the right place to provide a rapid response to threats faced by wild tigers from poaching.

In Russia

Additional income has meant that we can fund some really important work in 2017 that will stop poachers and the public from being able to access tiger habitat and enable the park patrol teams to carry out their work with increased efficiency.

It’s hard to put into words how important this work is to the protection of wild tigers and it is your support that has helped make it all possible.

It is simply incredible how powerful your tweet, your facebook post, your passionate support and your involvement is when it comes to raising awareness and funds for these precious and hugely vulnerable big cats. Anything you can do to help can and does make a difference!

We look forward to working with you to continue our protection of these wonderful, charismatic, fantastic, beautiful, electric and vital yet highly endangered big cats in 2017 and beyond. Together we can save wild tigers.

Thank you!

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