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Wamwayi meets the Nursery Herd

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Not too long ago, we shared the rescue story of little Wamwayi who was found stuck in a mud hole with no sign of his mother or herd nearby.

With the support of DSWF, this orphan calf is now being rehabilitated at Lilayi Elephant Nursery by our ground-based conservation partner, Game Rangers International (GRI), who continue to provide him with much-needed comfort and reassurance.

Only a few months old, he remains incredibly vulnerable, but we’re pleased to share with you this heart-warming video which shows Wamwayi meeting his new family as he ventures out of his stable for this first time.  

This is a big step in a very long journey for Wamwayi and we need your help to continue providing him and other orphan elephants with a chance of a life back in the wild, where they belong.  

Help us to continue supporting this vital conservation work by donating today: https://davidshepherd.org/donations/donate/

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