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Wamwayi’s rescue

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Thanks to an incredible, collaborative effort, another young elephant orphan has been rescued in Zambia. This incredibly tiny calf named Wamwayi is now being rehabilitated by our ground-based partner, Game Rangers International (GRI), with the hope for a future release back into the wild.   

Last week, little Wamwayi was found stuck in a mud hole by members of the Chiwole Village, near South Luangwa National Park. With no sign of his mother nearby to assist him, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Conservation South Luangwa were alerted to help. 

He was transferred to the Chipembele Wildlife Education for stabilisation, essential rehydration and nutrition and once inside the safety of the boma, this little bull was able to get some much-needed sleep and rest.

Elephant keeper at GRI, Aaron, was swiftly transported to help settle the calf and on his arrival, he was impressed to find such a small elephant with such a fierce appetite and energy (in between his many naps that is)! 

Wamwayi, meaning ‘lucky one’ in the local language of Chinyanja, will soon be transported to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery where he will rekindle with other orphaned elephants. 

However, at only two months old, he is incredibly vulnerable, despite appearances, and needs constant attention. At this stage he cannot be left alone and needs frequent specialised feeds as well as lots of reassurance. The next six months will be critical as he adapts to the new nutrition and surrogate herd at the nursery. 

This is just the first step in a very long journey for Wamwayi and we need your help to give him a chance of a life back in the wild, where he belongs.  

Help us continue supporting the vital work of our ground-based partners, GRI, by donating today: https://davidshepherd.org/donations/donate 

Special thanks to our friends in conservation at the Department of National Parks & Wildlife , IFAW and Olsen Animal Trust for their crucial role in Wamwayi’s rescue.

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