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Update: Wildlife Discovery Centre

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We’re thrilled to share an exciting update with you all on the development of Game Rangers International’s Wildlife Discovery Centre in Lusaka National Park. Located in the heart of Zambia, this new education hub aims to open its doors in early 2022 and will be within easy reach to many who otherwise would not have access to the country’s natural wilderness areas. 

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Community engagement

This project was borne of a legacy left by our founder, the great wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE, as one of his lasting wishes to see conservation education in Zambia brought to life for the masses.

It aims to host over 250,000 children by the year 2050 and will be a place where they can be inspired to take action to protect their natural heritage and foster a deeper love, respect and understanding for the wild.

A unique, immersive wildlife experience

The building of the centre coincides with the relocation of GRI’s elephant nursery, of which DSWF is a founding and ongoing partner. This will complement and enhance the education hub by allowing people to safely and respectfully observe orphan elephants on their journey back to the wild.

Together, these initiatives will provide a unique opportunity for both children and adults alike to reconnect with nature and wildlife as never before and understand the threats facing them, and the need to protect them. Visitors will enjoy an engaging and immersive learning experience, where they will be introduced to a variety of species and conservation topics through vibrant talking walls, storyboards, and group activities. 

Progress is well underway on the Wildlife Discovery Centre which will include an information hub, exploration hall, three Discovery Huts, a gift shop, café, and picnic areas. 

Speaking about the project, Sport Beattie, CEO of Game Rangers International said:

“Zambia is blessed with an amazing and diverse natural heritage, however, most people in Zambia, especially those living in the city centres like Lusaka, will never get to experience and deeply appreciate its beauty and global significance from an environmental point of view.

Long before Net Zero 2050, the school going children of today will be directly responsible for the day-to-day decisions affecting the health and well-being of our planet. The importance of the GRI – Wildlife Discovery Centre in Zambia cannot be over-stated. It will service more than 900 schools in and around Lusaka and it will afford us with a unique and strategic opportunity to influence Zambia’s future decision makers”.

Education has always been, and will continue to be, a guiding principle in David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s environmental work and we’re hugely proud to be supporting this incredible project. 

Click here to find out more about how we are engaging with school children and global audiences around the world to promote positive human-wildlife coexistence. 

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