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Trapped cub rescued but 2 more tigers are killed

A one year old female cub that was found trapped in an iron trap set up by poachers has been rescued. The incident took place in the Mailani range forests, India.

Forest officials tranquilised the cub that was roaring in pain but had no physical injury or deep cuts from the incident. She has been kept under medical watch while officials decide on a plan to release her back into the wild.

An alert has been put out to find the poachers that set the trap and bring them to justice.

However, there has also been news of two dead tigers found on the 25thFebruary 2013. One was found electrocuted in a live-wire trap that was put down by poachers in the Katni District, close to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This is sadly the third tiger to die by electrocution in the Bandhavgarh area since the 18thNovember 2012. Another tiger was also found dead yesterday nearNagarhole National Park.

The good news about the cub being rescued is dampened by the news of two more tiger deaths. There are only 3,200 wild tigers left and they desperately need your help. Join us in our fight to put an end to the trade in all tiger parts from all sources – please sign www.bantigertrade.com and ask others to do the same.

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Source: Zee News

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