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Tiger seizures in Vietnam 2006-2013


A summary of tiger seizures in Vietnam between 2006 – 2013 reveals that a total of 280 violations including 120 incidents of advertising and selling tiger bone, teeth, claws and products, 55 possession cases including both live and trophy tigers and 107 violations involving smuggling and trade of tigers. This includes keeping, transporting and processing tigers and their parts.

A total of 28 cases involved seizures of tiger carcasses with a total of 38 tigers seized, most frozen. Twelve additional cases involved seizures of 21 skeletons (partial or whole). Four cases involved seizures of a total of nine live tigers. Sixteen tiger skins and three tiger trophies were also recovered during the period.

The list was compiled by Education for Nature – Vietnam to ensure that accurate data for Vietnam in made available for use in addressing tiger trade enforcement issues regionally.

“Inadequate or no reporting by range and consumer States and a failure to comply with the CITES Declaration 14.69 – information on stockpiles of captive bred or confiscated tiger body parts and derivatives and actions proposed to deal with stockpiles – is a major barrier to creating a true picture of the illegal trade in tigers and their derivatives,” says TigerTime campaign manager, Vicky Flynn. “Demanding compliance and action by February 2015 forms part of TigerTime’s ongoing campaign to ban the trade in tiger parts from all sources.”

You can lend your support at www.bantigertrade.com and look out for our CITES specific actions in the next few weeks.

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