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The Tigers of Assam

As part of the All India Tiger Monitoring (AITM) programme the teams that TigerTime and our loyal supporters fund in Assam have been busy counting tigers. Counting and measuring pugmarks (tiger pawprints) is now a thing of the past and instead the teams set up camera traps around the national parks. Placed on either side of a path or between trees the cameras are triggered when an animal breaks the infrared beams and is photographed from both sides. This is important as tigers have different stripe patterns on either flank so to build up a true picture of tiger numbers and to identify individuals two pictures work best. The traps also record prey species and occasionally poachers.

These pictures show some amazing images of the beautiful tigers that live in Kaziranga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the banks of the Bramaputra River and which, through your donations we are helping to protect.

The team are currently inputting the data and we’ll have more information on tiger numbers soon. For now, simply enjoy!

You can find out more about our work in Kaziranga which includes monitoring, anti-poaching, wildlife crime investigation and community outreach by clicking here.

Please help us continue our important work to protect the tigers of Assam by making a donation here. Thank you.

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