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The SockStar Project, keeping rangers in the field.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The SockStar Project was started by Lewis Bedford, a go-getting Durham University student, who decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world. Instead of taking an internship at a wildlife charity, Lewis opted to start his own conservation-based initiative, The SockStar Project.

The SockStar Project has successfully raised £3,000 for David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s (DSWF) ground-based conservation partners, Game Rangers International (GRI) in Zambia and Aaranyak is based in Assam, northeast India.

About The SockStar Project

The SockStar Project ensures that the basic welfare needs of rangers, the lifeblood of conservation, are met by supplying these brave men and women on the front lines with improved personal equipment, such as boots, socks, feminine hygiene products, dental care products, underwear and whatever else they might need to do their job comfortably.

“We aim to support projects that do require our assistance so that our efforts can make more of a direct impact on the livelihood of every single wildlife ranger,” says Lewis.

Why socks?

Rangers walk many kilometres in the aid of conservation efforts and species protection. But sometimes it is not always possible for their basic needs to be fully supported.

“We are changing that, one sock, one boot and one ranger at a time,” says Lewis.

The front lines of conservation are literal warzones, with helicopters, the latest tech, guns, species rescues and relocations… This is the so-called ‘sexy-side’ of conservation with bigger budgets and military personal.

But how can the average conservation-minded person make a difference in a warzone?

“The reason SockStar is so successful is because of its simplicity – boots and socks are basic things, which anyone can readily donate that have a life-changing impact for a ranger,” says Lewis.

The SockStar Project is about connecting the people who are looking to make a difference with the ranger at a grassroots level.

SockStar donating to DSWF

Lewis Bedford from The SockStar Project has successfully raised £2,000 for GRI and £1,000 for rangers in Assam, India.

How DSWF helps wildlife rangers in Zambia

DSWF has been supporting GRI since its inception in 2007. Along with helping GRI’s flagship project the Elephant Orphanage Project (GRI-EOP) in Kafue National Park, we also supply provisions and training to rangers fighting wildlife crime.

DSWF has been facilitating wildlife rangers in Africa for over 30 years. From protecting elephants in Kafue and desert-adapted black rhino in the deserts of Namibia, DSWF acknowledges the essential role of the selfless ranger in Africa.

How DSWF helps wildlife rangers in Assam

Aaranyak is another one of DSWF’s conservation partners, we have been working with them for over 25 years.

DSWF has supported Aaranyak with funding for anti-poaching efforts, park protection, education, and wildlife crime investigation initiatives.

If the socks in the boots on the ground wear thin, our conservation efforts blister. The DSWF team would like to thank, The SockStar Project for helping our rangers to put their best foot forward.

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