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Your support brings Amur tiger – Vladik – out of the cold this winter

We didn’t have to ask because you have already given!

Thanks to the continued generosity of DSWF supporters one very precious tiger will receive all the care and comfort that he needs to survive the Russian winter.

The newest arrival at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Tigers (PRNCO “Tiger Centre”) is a young tiger captured within the Vladivostok city limits at the end of October. First spotted on 8 October, while he was crossing a road near the town of Artyom he spent several days roaming around Vladivostok and has been affectionately named ‘Vladik’.

Safely darted and rescued, an initial veterinary inspection found the tiger to be a male of around 18 months to two years old, weighing 140 kilogrammes which is normal for this age, and with no signs of external injuries.

The team is now working out just how Vladik ended up in an urban area and are drawing up a plan for his rehabilitation. This will require conducting tests to analyse the tiger’s behaviour in the presence of humans and assess his hunting capabilities. For now, Vladik has been avoiding contact with humans and hides himself successfully which are really positive signs if he is to survive in the wild.

Your support means that we have been able to fund this precious tiger’s care including veterinary treatment, food (meat and vegetables!) and preparations for his release.

Thank you SO much from everyone at DSWF and, of course, from Vladik.

You can find out more about our work to protect Amur tigers in Russia and continue your support by clicking here

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