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Stricken Baby Rhino Rescued

A stricken baby rhino was rescued by our project partners in South Africa, after his mother was brutally shot and killed by poachers.

The DSWF supported emergency helicopter crew, Rhino 911, located and rescued the frightened orphan, which was then transported to the Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo Province.

Named Davide and thought to be about eight months old, the calf was very distressed and expert staff at the orphanage worked through the night to comfort and settle him.

“His calls for mom echoed deeply and urgently throughout the night but two carers have been with him every step of the way,” orphanage staff said.

“At least he is in good physical condition has no injuries except a broken heart, which we are positive will be mended by the love and care of everyone in our team.”

The latest news is that Davide has been treated by medical staff and has finally started to drink from a milk bottle. He has also been successfully introduced to some of the other orphans and enjoyed a mud bath!

The ultimate aim is for Davide to be rehabilitated and in the future to be introduced back into the wild.

Funded by DSWF, Rhino 911 are a rapid response helicopter unit focused on providing lifesaving solutions for on-the-ground response to wounded rhinos in South Africa.

Using the most advanced search and detection technology, Rhino 911’s dedicated crew of volunteer pilots use helicopter support to transport vets to the scene of rhino poaching incidents and airlift-wounded rhinos to emergency care facilities.

DSWF funding goes directly towards the main purpose of business, maintenance and flying costs.

In just a decade, more than 7,245 African rhinos have been lost to poaching. From 2007-2014, South Africa saw a huge growth in rhino poaching of over 9,000%. Measures must be put in place to reduce poaching levels before the extinction of this iconic species.

Since September 2016, Rhino 911 have successfully flown more than 100 missions, with over 50 rhino interactions and rescued several calves, but there is still so much work to be done.

Together we can protect these sentient beings – please help DSWF support projects like Rhino 911 and help save these incredible creatures by donating here.

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