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Rare David Shepherd original artworks on sale in support of DSWF

A unique selection of David Shepherd original artworks has gone on sale this week – drawn from a private collection of close to David.

It’s very rare for so many of the artist’s originals to come to the market at once and interest in the five paintings is expected to be high.

Some of the pictures illustrate the artist’s great love of steam trains and wildlife, while another is a charming depiction of children.

Over the Forth – Painted in 1962. David said that he spent a memorable and exciting day on the bridge with a member of the British Rail staff and felt that the subject had to be one of the most exciting he had experienced. Framed: 141 x 103cm

On Shed: David said: “I have tried to portray in my painting the cathedral-like atmosphere of the great steam sheds at the end of steam. Here in the gloomy depths of a roundhouse, there was intense beauty of the most dramatic kind if you look for it, through the dirt and the grime. Shafts of sunlight penetrated broken panes of soot-caked glass in the roof, pierced through the steam and smoke and played on pools of green oil on the floor.” Framed: 186 x 107cm

Winter Foxes – A pair of cosy foxes nestling in snowy branches. Framed: 48 x 36cm

Old Metal Craft Shoppe – A painting of a traditional shopfront in the sunlight. Framed: 51 x 39cm

Playtime – A delightful depiction of three children playing with a litter of puppies. Framed: 107 x 76cm

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation will receive a percentage commission from the sale of the paintings, to support our work to fight wildlife crime, protect endangered species and engage with local communities.

To express an interest in buying any of the artworks contact Kay.Roudaut@davidshepherd.org or call 01483 272 323. (Price on application.)

Two of the paintings – ‘Over the Forth’ and ‘On Shed’ – will be on display this week at an art event in Gloucestershire. ‘Nature in Art’ in Twigworth is holding a special one-off David Shepherd exhibition of rare originals until Sunday June 3.

For more information on this event and to buy tickets for an evening talk by wildlife artist Mandy Shepherd, click here.

To see more David Shepherd prints and originals for sale in support of DSWF click here.

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