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Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life

Painted dogs are a much overlooked species, yet they are one of the most persecuted. Few people even know they exist, let alone know of the threats they face as one of our planet’s most highly endangered hunters.

DSWF supports Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in Zimbabwe, which is working to protect these fascinating creatures and educate local communities about their plight.

Now Peter Blinston, Executive Director of PDC, has joined forces with top wildlife photographer Nicholas Dyer to publish a stunning coffee table book, packed with breath-taking images and wonderful tales about painted dogs – also known as painted wolves or African wild dogs.

Six years in the making, ‘Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life’ is the most comprehensive book on the species ever produced and all profits will support their conservation.

DSWF is proud to support the publication of this unique book – the world needs to know about painted dogs!

The beautiful video below gives viewers a taste of some of the eye-catching imagery and special moments captured in the book and includes a commentary by Nicholas Dyer himself.

You can find out more, support the conservation campaign and buy a copy of this beautiful book of photographs and stories here.

Let’s spread the word and help protect these intelligent and playful creatures! Discover more about painted dogs and our work to protect them.


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